For their documentary series about The Earhshot Prize, I was asked by the British production company Studio Silverback to produce two VFX shots that envisioned forestal re-wilding of agricultural landscapes. 
The first landscape, shot in Brazil and featuring soccer player Dani Alves, should be turned into rain forest. 
The second, shot in the UK and featuring the series co-host David Attenborough, should be turned into temperate broadleaf forest.
The growth over the landscapes was achieved with the use of Maxon Cinema 4D field tools, and the trees and vegetation was (mostly) generated with the Forester plugin by 3D Quakers, and then scattered and rendered with Octane Render from Otoy. For camera tracking and landscape geometry creation, I had help from fellow artist Per Jonsson. 
The shots I made were both featured in the closing sequence of the series' first episode, produced and directed by Dan Huertas, and originally aired on BBC One, October 3, 2021
These shots are probably best experienced by watching the video above, but in the gallery below are a few selected still frames from different points of growth progression of the two different landscapes.
These stills can also be seen in the full 4K resolution, which is the resolution in which I made the final shots.
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