As an ancillary project to the production of their Netflix wildlife documentary series "Our Planet", British production company Silverback Films and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) wanted to make a short film that visualized a near time future for our planet that could be within reach if we address the issues highlighted in the WWF "Living Planet Report" by better managing to work together with - rather than against - nature to provide for our needs.
I was asked to produce a couple of VFX shots for this film, based on conceptual ideas from Silverback Films that involved the rewilding of nature, repopulation of species (both living and extinct) in their natural habitats and the merging of metropolitan and natural environments.
I took help from my fellow artist Andreas Wicklund, and got access to a treasury of gorgeous footage from Silverback Films (originally shot for the “Our Planet” series) to be used as back plates for the shots.

This is a reel showing the original footage together with the added VFX of all the shots I produced with Andreas:
Some of these VFX shots were subsequently used in Silverback Films’ production of the Netflix documentary feature "David Attenborough - A Life on Our Planet".
And here is a link to the WWF site with the completed original short by Silverback Films:
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